The TyloHelo Group’s first conference in the Asia-Pacific region was held in October.
It represented a decisive step in the Group’s strategy to establish a presence in this area.
Representatives from the Group’s brands hosted two days of meetings and presentations for the 40 or more participating customers, who came from all over the region, from South Korea in the north to Australia in the south, and from India in the west to Japan in the east.
The conference attendees were given a general presentation about the TyloHelo Group, information about each of the brands and their focus, and an overview of existing products and future innovations. Tylö’s latest, major product Panacea and the four sauna rooms in the Design Line series, Helo’s sauna heaters Vienna, Havana and Himalaya, infra-red cabins and Amerec’s steam bath were among the new products presented at the conference.
Everyone expressed great interest in the range and the event was regarded as extremely successful. There is a significant business potential for many of the Group’s products, in both the commercial and private markets. The conference provided the TyloHelo Group with valuable feedback, inspiration and an appetite for more.
Krister Persson, Regional Business Development Manager for the TyloHelo Group in Asia, says, ”Our goal is to conduct annual conferences in different locations across the Asia-Pacific region”.