Professional bath for physiotherapeutic treatments.

Niagara is a professional bath for physiotherapeutic treatments.
It offers extra room inside the bathtub to work with hand-held jet and meet the needs of physiotherapic hydromassage.

Compact and simple to operate

Professional bath Niagara is compact and simple to operate thanks to the fast water fill-in and drainage system.

The fast water fill-in and drainage system makes this professional bath simple to operate.

Niagara is equipped with:

  • Hand-held jet feature for underwater massage
  • Ozonator cleaning system
  • Air bubble massage: 16 bottom air-jets
  • Hydromassage: 8 jets for feet; 6 side jets, 14 back massage jets
  • Chromotherapy
  • Fast water fill-in and drainage

This bath for physiotherapeutic treatments is suitable for health care institutions, massage salons and rehabilitation centers.