Tylö proudly presents a new, updated version of its sauna heater Sense Combi.
It combines a sleek, streamlined design with improved, more efficient heat distribution for optimised performance.
Sense Combi can heat a sauna room twice as fast as competitors’ heaters.
Innovative technologies make the Tylö Sense Combi 30% more energy efficient than before.
Tylö Sense Combi features Tylö’s unique Thermosafe™ covering, which ensures a low surface temperature to prevent burns on contact. A deep, generously proportioned compartment ensures the stones are heated more evenly, which enables steam to be generated more efficiently than before.
Tylö Sense Combi is completely manufactured in Tylö’s factory in Halmstad.
By maintaining complete control over product development, production and quality, we are able to give generous warranties for the performance and durability of our products.